“I’m Hand-Selecting Just 95
75 37
Top Students (Who Will Earn An
Extra $150k This Year) To Join Me For
1 Year Of Intense Personal Mentoring!”


Introducing “My Never Before Offered, Probably Never Offered Again” REI Platinum private mastermind group….Even if you have terrible credit and little clue how to invest in real estate and make real money… this amazing mastermind and training program will take you from A to Z and equip you with everything you need to know to make an absolute killing…FAST!

I’m Going to Show You How to Quit Your
9-5 Job in a Matter of Months and Work
From Home Doing Something You Love–
(Just Like Ginger Here Is!)

Enjoy and Live the life you’ve always dreamed of: one full of total freedom to do with your time as you wish…(This is Priceless-Trust me!)

Afford the things you’ve always wanted: houses, cars and family vacations!

I desperately wanted a way out… a way to escape the rat race and the grind… a way to do something more fulfilling… a way to succeed, at something!

I longed for financial freedom… wanted it bad… and often pulled my hair out searching for the best path to True Financial Freedom…I was tired of the all the scams out there and longed for A Real Business that would change my financial status once and for all!

Outside of the ’9 to 5′ Job, There Had To
Be A Better Way to Become Wealthy!

It was frustrating though, I admit it. I often experienced real pain trying to find that perfect avenue that I could pursue and make a difference in mine and my family’s lives. I wanted true financial independence, and I believed it existed. Somewhere and somehow I was going to find it! I longed to find not only true financial independence, but Freedom to do with my time as I chose!

Just like you, I’m sure, I read every book, listened to every tape and CD out there, attended every seminar I could and kept searching for that “one” avenue to mega success…

I got turned on to Real Estate Investing and started going to every seminar I could attend on the subject. I purchased every book/tape and CD or DVD out there, listened to every instructor I could find and still lacked the confidence or the specific knowledge I needed for taking action!

I felt as if all of these “Gurus” were giving me just enough to make me want more, but NOT enough to equip or empower me to become a successful investor. I needed ALL the pieces of the puzzle to be successful, not just a few of them. It was then I ran into someone who worked “behind the scenes” who told me something I couldn’t believe…

What I quickly learned after spending thousands of dollars over the course of seven
years at those events, was that the same guys were always giving me just enough
to want more-they would dangle the carrot in front of my face just one more time
to see if I would bite…and I soon discovered through my own trial and error, blood
sweat and tears, that I knew a whole heck of a lot more than those so-called

All I got was a lot of fluff and puff, but no concrete System that had all of the
pieces I needed and could follow… nothing I could wrap my arms around… nothing
to own as mine… nothing that got me out of bed in the morning all pumped and
excited…I was convinced! Nothing existed!

As you can imagine, after being through this numerous times, I just did not feel confident about pursuing it and actually executing anything because even after spending thousands and thousands of dollars, I STILL lacked a proven system or method that I could follow to make money in the world of real estate investing!

My stay-at-home mom days and running a home business was taking its toll on me and I needed a proven method I could follow… and I need it sooner rather than later!

The paycheck-to-paycheck days had gotten out of hand and I was, well to be quite frank, sick of it! I was ready, ready to make something happen and ready to change my life and my financial future, no matter what price I had to pay to get there.

The Critical Decision That Allowed Me To
Escape The Rat Race, End The Frustration
And Change The Rest Of My Life!

One day just a few short years back, I decided to Finally TAKE ACTION and made a decision to TAKE A CHANCE at the real estate investing game. That one decision that changed everything! I made my first investment property purchase for $36,000 in St. Louis, Missouri using none of my own money, but money I had borrowed on a home equity loan.

I rehabbed the house with borrowed funds and shortly after that purchase, I put over $30,000 into my pocket from that one purchase! Talk about lighting my fire! This first check for $30,000 did just that! I had never made $30,000 in one transaction. However, from this point forward, I knew I had found my calling. At the age of 30, I had finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up!

You tell me, would over $30,000 deposited in your bank account in one pop get you extremely excited?

Soon more checks came…$4,925.00…$16,947.76…here’s a copy of a check, this time for $19,679.57…

Another One of My Checks…$19,679.57 from One Deal

I’ve now been a full time real estate investor for four and a half years now, yet many people in our industry think of me as an “overnight success” because of what I achieved my first full time year in the business-I was worth over 2 million dollars after only being in the business for one year.” But let me share something with you. It took years of attempts until I finally figured it out and Then, my earnings soared through the sky. This business is not a get rich quick scheme and it certainly is no lottery ticket, but let me tell you this, 2 million dollars is nothing to sneeze when you consider the Return on my Investment of my time. I don’t know of any other job or industry out there that could pay me like this one!

And when you have an opportunity like the one being offered to you right here where you have a chance to learn from a Multimillionaire who has not only “Been there and Done It”, but is still out there in the “Real Estate Trenches” every single day doing what she loves best, You had better latch on and ride the wave of opportunity

After a mega successful first year in the business, I knew from that point forward that I had done something right, so I started to track the things I did right and the things I did wrong and create my own method for succeeding to share with others that had not figured it out yet. Since that time, I’ve honed and sharpened my strategies to a razor sharp edge.

$100,958.08 Made in One MONTH – All from Real Estate!
(Whoever is out there saying the bubble is bursting obviously isn’t looking in the right places!)

My most important goal every day is to duplicate that same level of success, again and again and teach you to do the same! Let me teach you the system that changed my entire life!

I am Rock Solid Proof that with this system I can achieve all of my wildest goals and dreams. I want the same for you. I know financial abundance is just around the corner for every person that is armed with the knowledge and goes after it! I knew that all you have to do is duplicate this method over and over… and rake in the cash during the process!

I’ve RESCUED More People From The
‘Real Estate Gurus’ Than I Care To Count!

I guess you could say I get even more motivated, even more excited and even more enthusiastic about real estate investing as the months fly by! Time flies when you are doing something you love, let me tell you!

All because of this tremendous System I had created, I was a bona fide millionaire! And guess what…I have not turned back since!

I went from a paycheck-to-paycheck, struggler… to a millionaire in one year!

Let me take you by the hand and show you how to do the kind of investing that has produced these excellent results…


Here’s How You Can Work With Me…
And Escape The Rat Race Yourself!

It’s a proven fact…more millionaires have been created through real estate then any other wealth-building vehicle. When I began teaching, I was so turned off by the number of “charlatans” in the real estate education industry that I wanted to create the best online coaching program, backed by years of experience and a “This Is How I Did It, and How You Can
Do it Too” feel!

So if you would like to be “hand held”, whether or not you are a seasoned investor or newbie, I am opening my doors to my new “Real Estate Wealth” Inner Circle and Online Training Center, the likes of which may never be offered again!

I’m going to show you how you can use my Real Estate Inner Circle and Online Training Center so that you can:

Quit your 9-5 job in a matter of months and work from home doing something you love!

Enjoy and Live the life you’ve always dreamed of: one full of total freedom to do with your time as you wish…(This is Priceless-Trust me!)

Afford the things you’ve always wanted: houses, cars and family vacations!

Real Estate is the best return on the investment of ANY type of money or time. I will walk you through this and provide you with every tool and or resource you need to be successful!

Here’s My Platinum Mastermind
In A Nutshell…

Let me warn you right from the beginning–this is not an inexpensive “book & CD course.”   The investment is $10k per year, or available for $997 down and $997/month for 11 months.

JUST ADDED: See below for the additional membership options I’ve added to help you if you are not able to join at the full ‘Platinum level’ – No one will be left behind!!

Here’s What You’ll Receive As A Member:

1.  Platinum Mastermind Event

As a member of REI Platinum, you will be my guest to a tropical island where you, along with the other Platinum members, will receive insider training, VIP mastermind connections with other members, as well as networking opportunities with skilled investment professionals that can help your business grow and help you build sustainable wealth.

Once a year you will enjoy a first-class experience with me on a tropical island.  Yes it will be a time for some relaxing and para-sailing and the like, but mainly we will be there to build our businesses and meet the right people to help us do so.

I’ve been privileged to build wealth through real estate and other businesses and meet some amazing people along the way who have helped me do so and I want to share these people with you and all network together.

VALUE:  $7,000

2.  Live Deal Analysis

Each month I will be hosting a live conference call and webinar with you and each of the Platinum members to review an investment property deal.  As a member, you will be able to submit a property to me for professional review.

I’ve seen thousands of different properties/deals in my real estate career and will show you each month how to sort through deals, analyze the numbers and find the best deals.

This is the same kind of analysis I do on every buying tour to show students the best deals and how to analyze them using my investment software and excel spreadsheets.

As my first rule of investing, I won’t touch a property that has a CAP Rate of less than 10%.  I use special software and spreadsheets to analyze investment deals.  As a member of Platinum you will receive these proprietary spreadsheets and software, so no worries there, but I will show you how to use them and profit wildly on great deals.

VALUE:  $3,500

3.  Advanced Real Estate Investment Training

Each and every month I will be hosting a webinar and conference call to train on a specific area of investment.  I will be taking questions over the phone live and all members are expected to attend (as schedules permit).  Past topics have included: advanced wholesaling, power team selection, how to increase income on rental properties, and commercial lending.

If you apply for membership, and are accepted, I want you to catch up on your training and skills and your knowledge of real estate terms and procedures so that we can move forward building wealth at a faster pace.  I want your knowledge of real estate and wealth building to be both deep and wide so that you will be able to see opportunities and have the ability to take advantage of them.

This but one of the components of Platinum.  It is a necessary element of your overall training.  It is also one of the best opportunities to let me know your questions so that I can answer them for you and help you break through any barriers that you might be facing.

VALUE:  $1,500

4.  Deal Review Feedback

As an active investor, you should be reviewing multiple deals every single week.  On Buying Tours I show attendees how to identify the best deals based on the information that we have researched for market rents, section 8 rents, ARV (after-repair-values), and a number of other factors.

Once we have gathered all the data, have performed an inspection on the property in question, then we will be in a position to ‘run the numbers.’

Each and every month, as a member of REI Platinum, I will be going over real investment deals.  I will be showing you a property, going over all the numbers, putting the numbers and details into our proprietary spreadsheet (which you will have access to) and then computing the different numbers we use to evaluate a property.  I use a very simple, but very accurate, system for analyzing deals.

I even give my software and spreadsheets to my virtual assistants who will run similar numbers for me remotely and send me the best properties so that there are always great deals crossing my desk.  I’m going to teach you how to do the same and then choose from the cream-of-the-crop to submit offers on.

VALUE:  $5,000

5.  Proprietary Deal Analysis Software

If I were you, I would attend a Buying Tour and join REI Platinum just for this software & spreadsheet alone!  These two pieces–the software and spreadsheet–are the two most absolutely necessary pieces of my investing business.  The only time that I give these my software and spreadsheets away are on buying tours and to members of REI Platinum.

If you are selected for membership in REI Platinum, you will receive access to my deal analysis software and spreadsheets.  I will be using these tools on the live deal review webinars each month.  You will be able to watch me on your computer screen or follow along with your own version of the software.

Once we have reviewed a few deals together, you will be more than able to go out, search our your own properties (or have a virtual assistant do it for you, and then run your numbers (or have your virtual assistant do this also).  I want to equip you to soar and to be able to go after the best deals available each and every day.  I want you to run numbers every single week as a member of REI Platinum.

VALUE:  $2,400

6.  Training Course Vault

You will have access to my entire training course vault.  When I was starting to develop my ideas for the Platinum program I decided that I wanted my Platinum Members to have access to all of my individual training courses.

There courses are not the mainstay of Platinum, but they are very important for your knowledge and education.  These courses are actively sold for $297-$1997 each.  This is a HUGE value for you as a member of platinum.

As a member of REI Platinum, you will receive access to one of these courses each month until you have received them all.  The reason for this time-release is two-fold.  First, on a practical side for you, trying to go through every course the first month would likely be a disaster because there are hundreds of hours of training in total.

I want you to succeed wildly, and through studying success patters I have found that becoming overwhelmed with too much information is an easy thing to have happen and I want to help you avoid this problem.  I will send you the right course, in the right order, for your maximum success.  Bottom line is that you will be getting all of my courses (ranging in investment from $297 through $1997) for no extra investment as an active member of Platinum.

*Members Receive Access To 1 New Digital Course Every Month While In Good Standing

The following courses (and more) will be given to members of REI Platinum:

Building Wealth System

The Building Wealth System is the fundamental course for your real estate investment education.  I believe that you will be successful if you only go through this course.

This is the first course that I want you to have as a member of REI Platinum.  It will be your foundational training in addition to the training that you will receive directly as a member of platinum.

Thirty days after you have received this course, you will then receive the second course, which will be my Wholesaling Mastery course, which will teach you the whole process of wholesaling investment property.

Value: $997

10-Step Real Estate Wealth

10-Step Real Estate Wealth is one of my investing courses for real estate that’s designed to walk you step-by-step through the investment process.  It is about 20 hours long in total and sells currently for $497, but this will be one of the included courses that you will receive as a member of REI Platinum.

This course also includes some good bonuses on how to work with virtual assistants–how to find them, hire them, and manage a virtual assistant.  Just this one skill alone has helped me grow my investment business by at least 200%.

I want you to have the skills that are taught in the 10-Step course, especially the strategies about virtual assistants.  This will help you build your investment business with less time required and a greater amount of leverage.  This is the place I want you to get to so that you have good deals flying across your desk each and every week.

Value: $497

REI Power Team Training

My REI Power Team Training course is a very important part of your education and your business.  I’ve been able to invest in 22 markets around the country because I’ve learned how to build real estate power teams in the markets where I invest.  This is a skill I want you to gain as well.

To have a very successful real estate investment business, even if you are wholesaling, you will need to have a team that includes an agent, a property manager, mortgage broker, several good contractors, an inspector, an appraiser, and some other less frequently used members like an attorney, a title company, an accountant and a bookkeeper.

The wealthiest people in this country know how to build winning teams.  As an active investor, you will have your own real estate power team in the cities and markets that you work in.  I will help you find these individuals and assemble a winning team that will help you find and buy the right properties.

Value: $297

7.  Real Estate Wealth Center

The Real Estate Wealth Center is your resource and tool treasure chest.  There are more than 10,000 pages of information available to you when you have access to the Real Estate Wealth Center.

Once you have access to the REI Platinum Members’ Area you will have access to the Real Estate Wealth Center.  This is where you will find countless number of tools and resources.  If properly used, this part of Platinum alone is worth the entire Platinum Members’ investment, in my opinion.

As a Platinum Member you will be using the Real Estate Wealth Center on a weekly basis most likely.  There are great tools and resources, maps and city-data, and all kinds of other resources and information.  This is a comprehensive that will help you build your real estate investment business.

Value: $1197

8.  10-Step Investment Checklist

This is a simple report-style checklist for helping you navigate the real estate investment process.  While there are 10 steps overall, there are a number of smaller details that fit into each main step.

I will walk you through each of these steps and sub-steps so you will have a guide as you go along through the investing process each time in your own business.  I want you to be fully equipped to succeed and if you’re like me you like to have checklists to follow.  This will be your investing checklist.  It will tell you who to call and when; it guides you through the time-line of the investing process.

Value: $497

9.  Members-Only Pricing On Buying Tours

As an active member of REI Platinum, you will receive $3,000 off the investment for an REI Conferences Buying Tour.  We have generally about 3-4 Buying Tours every year.

On Buying Tours we meet in an investment market that I currently do business in and prepare to spend two days on a bus driving around to look at around 40 potential investment properties.

This is the most active form of learning I have every experienced or taught.  If you decide to join us on a Buying Tour you will be walking into and through dozens of properties.  We will have our company inspector go with us through each property, as well as a staff contractor too.  These two professionals will help us understand the repairs that are needed on each property and to assign rehab costs to each deal.

This is the best education outside of Platinum that you can receive, and tickets are generally sold for $10,000 each.  This is the place where the bridge is crossed between learning and doing.  I hope you will be one of the next to join me to learn the nitty-gritty of property investment.

Value: $3,000

10. Free Members-Only Attendance To ALL Wealth Camps

About two times per year I hold Wealth Camps.  These are fun and engaging learning experiences that will help you meet other investors and learn from a diverse group of guest speakers on all kinds of topics surrounding wealth building.

At previous Wealth Camps we have had accountants come to speak, we have had communication and team-building experts, we have had asset-protection strategists and we have also had experts on the various kinds of investment vehicles (like Self-Storage and Commercial property).  I bring these professionals and experts together into one room so that we can all learn from their years and years of experience.

During Wealth Camps I will share investment lessons on real estate and wealth building as well, but primarily these weekends are for you to learn from a diverse group of other wealth building experts.

Value: $3,997

11.  Virtual Buying Tour Videos

The investment to attend a Buying Tour, as I mentioned, is $10,000 per ticket.  For some who might not be comfortable with that kind of additional investment, or perhaps not comfortable with travel, will benefit from the videos that we capture while on buying tours.

These videos are not any kind of professional presentation, but we do try to capture some of the buying tour lessons and experience in the form of recorded video to share with members of REI Platinum.  Past tour videos will be archived into the Platinum Members’ Area for easy viewing. You’ll be able to hear and see some of the information that our agents, contractors, and inspectors notice while out in the field inspecting real-world investment properties.

Value: $4,997

12.  Audio & Video Training Vault

If you apply and are accepted, you will receive access to hundred of hours of archived training materials.  These audio and video training include interview with real estate industry experts, trainings on different types of investments, as well as dozens and dozens of tools, tips and  strategies for wealth building through real estate.

When I was starting into this business and looking to build wealth through real estate I invested in dozens of different training courses and spent tens of thousands of dollars on great training that helped me learn this business.  I’ve recorded hours upon hours of training that will help you learn the ins and outs of this business.  I want you to have access to this training vault as a member of REI Platinum.

Value: $2,000

13.  Internet Marketing Coaching

I’ve been buying and selling online now for over a decade and have made millions of dollars.  I’ve learned countless lessons, skills and approaches for making money on the internet, whether in real estate or with another business, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.  As a member of REI Platinum, starting on month 3 of your membership, you will receive access to my Internet Marketing Coaching program.  This course is sold currently for $3,497 but you will have it included at no extra charge with your REI Platinum Membership.

Value: $2,497

14.  Real Estate Wholesaling Profits Coaching

This is another of the courses that I currently offer outside of platinum for $3,497.  I have so many people ask me day-in and day-out about wholesaling investment property for fast-cash and quick profits.  In my busiest year I’ve wholesaled 41 properties, for no less than $3k per deal.  My biggest wholesale deal netted me $220k in a period of 90 days.  As a member of REI Platinum, starting on month 3, you’ll receive access to my $3,497 Wholesale Profits Coaching Program at no extra cost.

As you’re actively investing, you’ll run across some deals that work best for buy-and-hold and some that work best for wholesaling.  I’m going to equip you for success with both so that you can prosper wildly in this economy of incredibly opportunity.

Value: $3,997

15. Partnership Opportunities With Charrissa

As a member of REI Platinum, you will be able to search for deals with all that you have learned, and if you find a property and want to bring it to Charrissa for review for potential partnership, YOU CAN!  REI Platinum is a program unlike almost any other.  Partnership opportunities among students and with Charrissa is a regular part of REI Platinum.  This partnership opportunity applies to both residential and commercial property alike, and is unique to REI Platinum and its members.


This Is HUGE VALUE!!  $43,373 in REAL VALUE (no fluff!)

Special Note: This Program Is Limited
To A Small Group Of Committed Investors

I’m sorry, but I have had to limit this program to advanced investors only.  Because of the nature of this mastermind group, I have had to limit the number of members we have, as well as the type of members we allow into the group.

For starters, this is a program for the most committed investors.  Secondly, this is a program for investors with the right ‘can-do’ attitude.  I want to work with, and be surrounded by, other successful individuals who are committed to their financial futures, and for the well-being of their family’s financial future.  I want to work with people who will play at my same level.  If this is you, or you think this is you, I want you to apply for membership today.

Attention: This Program Requires A
Serious Commitment

Due to the nature of this program, its advanced training, its tropical island retreat, it’s concierge-level service and support, and the sheer demand for my time, the membership dues are not cheap.  This is a very high-end program and the investment for membership is $10,000 per year (paid in advance, or $997/month with $997 first months dues, total $12k per year paid monthly).  [See Below for Additional Membership Options]

If you apply what I will teach you, along with our team of experts, and the other members in the group, you can profit wildly.  I would like to see you earn an extra $100k this next year because of what you learn from Platinum.  That will make for a 10-fold return on your investment and that’s what I want to see you do!   I will push you to achieve more if you apply and are accepted into this program.


You Are Now In Charge Of
Your Financial Path

Look: This business has transformed my life – as well as the lives of many of my students from all across the country…in my REI Platinum Group You Get Complete “In the Trenches” Experiences and Real World Methods…

And I think I am qualified to make this statement… there is no better Real Estate Investing Online Program on the market that compares… not even a close second to what you are getting with this program!

There is no fluff or filler, over the time we are working together I do not cut any corners, and leaves nothing out!

It is extensive and thoroughly comprehensive, with everything you could ever need to build a thriving business that pulls in serious revenue!

If a blueprint system that takes you from A to Z that covers everything you could ever need, is what you are looking for, then you have found it!

The foundation of my teachings and principles are strictly based on what I currently do on a day-to-day basis! You will not hear anything from me or my team that we have not personally used or done ourselves, period!

Here’s what My Real Estate Wealth Online Coaching Program is ABOUT: It IS ABOUT teaching you the REAL real estate strategies that flat-out work.  It IS ABOUT utilizing Systems to create multiple streams of income and generate a full sustainable real estate business providing ly cash flow and provide financial freedom to you and your family.

Join For Membership

As a member you will have access to some of the best information on real estate investments and wealth building that I personally know.  You will be allowed to invite a spouse to the training conferences and live events, but otherwise all information is expected to remain private for your own personal use.  I reserve the right at any time to cancel a membership if I feel it is being shared with non-members, or overall participation has ceased.

Special Note: Congratulations to Our First 3 Platinum Members:


On May 1 & 2 I choose 3 new members (in a random prize drawing) for REI Platinum from those who attended the REI Conferences Wealth Camp held in Las Vegas, NV. Congratulations to these three partnerships who are now a part of my REI Platinum partnership and mastermind.

One of these members actually cried when she learned about what she had won… a $100k real estate education and investment mastermind!

You Can Be Next

If you are the type of individual who is ready to take you income and kick-it-up a few notches–if you are the kind of person who will thrive with working with a powerful team of successful individuals, then I want you to apply for membership to REI Platinum and join my inner-circle team.  Check out the MASSIVE VALUE my platinum members receive…

20.  JUST ADDED for REI Platinum–Partnership Opportunities   Value: PRICELESS

This is over $43,373 In REAL VALUE…

Click one of the buttons below to apply for membership:


I am so excited to be working with you!  Join up right now and let’s get your business turning out deals like crazy!

P.S.  This membership is limited to just 75 37 students.  If you ARE NOT one of the first 75 37, you will be placed on a standby list in the order of application.  You will be notified in the future if any positions open up for Platinum training.  I look forward to working with you if you are one of the 75 37 I can’t wait to see how much extra you’ll earn this year.  ;)

Special Note: A waiting list is maintained for REI Platinum.  If a member joins and cancels their membership, their place will be immediately given to the next person on the waiting list.  This is done out of fairness to all members, and all those on the waiting list.

From this kind of training, we have only had one refund request ever.  This is due to the VERY personal nature of the training, accountability and coaching, and therefore, once a student gains access to the members-area (with all of the contact information, resources, contacts, courses, etc.) no refunds will be granted.  A member may cancel at any time and leave their position to a person on the waiting-list.

___ ______

VALUE:  $7,000